All of our products have been developed using natural strain selection methods - no genetic engineering for us. Our manufacturing processes are the traditional batch method, rather than continuously - so we have complete control over our strains at all times.

Blue Label is a high activity yeast most suitable for high speed no-time dough processes.

It has excellent tolerance to sugar and to mould inhibitors making it suitable for a wide range of dough types.

The slow fermentation of L'Hirondelle allows for full flavour development, which is essential for the uniquely delicious taste of French bread.

The medium activity of Red Label Yeast means it is very tolerant in dough preparation and has superior keeping qualities, ideally suited to the needs of the craft baker.

DCL Cream Yeast is a High Activity yeast, developed from the same strain as DCL Blue Label, but with the convenience and control of a cream format.

Like Blue Label, it is ideal for high speed no-time dough processes and has excellent tolerance to sugar and to mould inhibitors.


A high activity yeast but with extra tolerance, creates a yeast ideal for the craftbaker making a wide range of products.