Dried Yeasts are live, active yeasts for use in the baking industry where a reliable source of fresh baking yeast is not readily available. In any form, active baking yeasts are ready for use off the shelf, can be stored for up to 2 years in cool storage. There are two types of dried bakers yeasts; Active Dried Yeast (ADY) and Instant Yeast (IDY).

Both types of yeast are produced using some of the most modern equipment and under conditions of tight quality control. Yeast production demands constant vigilance and expert management during its manufacture to ensure each batch is of the highest quality, every time. Our skilled microbiologists and bakers monitor every aspect of the production process 24 hours a day to ensure total product purity.

Most important of all, every single batch of yeast is bake tested before we release it. Our experience has shown us that this is the only way to be absolutely sure of consistent top quality. We never take chances - so you can be confident that your baking will always come up to expectations.